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Sacred Heart School will be closed until further notice due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).Please contact the school at shoffice@shsomaha.org with any questions.  

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Sacred Heart School is unique...

Sacred Heart is located in the heart of North Omaha at 22nd and Binney streets. We are a K-8 school that is dedicated to educating urban youth. We are a small school with one classroom for each grade level, and we are committed to keeping our class sizes around 15-18 students.

Sacred Heart School Mission

Sacred Heart School will provide a learning environment of faith, knowledge, and service by promoting Christian values, individualize academic opportunities, and community engagement.

Sacred Heart School Creed

Embodied in our Creed are the fundamental beliefs and goals we live by. Students recite the Creed every morning at the opening assembly and it is a guiding force for our day.

Our goal is to provide a challenging academic curriculum to children in north Omaha which:

  • Strives to lead students to develop their God-given talents
  • Provides an environment in which students can grow in Christian love of God and all creation
  • Fosters intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth
  • Assists students in their development

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