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Shurley English

  • Gives students the concrete steps necessary to relate a definition concept, a concept to a skill practice, and a skill practice to writing and editing
  • Competent writing begins with sentence structure, expands to paragraphs, and results in well-written essays, reports, letters, and the enjoyment and satisfaction that result from good writing
  • Consistency of terminology and skill-practice exercises for all levels helps students gain a solid foundation as additional skills are added at each level


  • Phonemic awareness is the ability to notice, think about, and work with the individual sounds in spoken words and the understanding that the sounds of spoken language work together to make words
  • Children with phonemic awareness skills are likely to have an easier time learning to read and spell
  • Integrated with Reading program

Saxon Math

  • Based on introducing a topic to a student and then allowing them to build upon that concept as they learn new ones
  • Topics are never dropped but are instead increased in complexity and practiced every day, providing the time required for concepts to become totally familiar
  • Incremental approach divides concepts into smaller, more easily grasped pieces call increments
  • New increment is introduced each day and students work only a few problems involving the new material, while reviewing previous concepts
  • Homework consists of practice problems involving concepts previously introduced
  • Every assignment and every test is a cumulative review of all material covered up to that point


  • Reading is emphasized throughout the curriculum, with a focus on Literature in fifth to eighth grades
  • Computer programs are used in second and third grade to meet the needs of struggling students while providing additional challenges for more advanced students
  • Friends of the Heart guild members provide advanced tutoring enrichment for students in the lower grades with the goals to read, write, and relate

Life Skills

  • Introduces students to a set of rules for behavior and practice skills needed for employment
  • Students learn logical, step-by-step thinking processes and how to manage their behavior toward disciplined productivity
  • The school brings invited speakers into the classrooms to tell the children about their jobs and answer questions. Most of the speakers are African American, who serve as models for what is possible in the work world
  • Seventh and eighth grade students are assigned a business mentor who takes them into their workplace once a month for a peek at life on the job

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