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The first day of school is now August 19, 2020. Please click here for our reopening plan.

Student Life

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Student Life

At Sacred Heart School, student’s get a chance to experience more than just a quality education. We strive to provide students with a mix of activities and events that allows them to flourish.


Sacred Heart School offers basketball, volleyball, and soccer for those students interested in physical activity. Teams can begin in grades as young as first grade. Parents, teachers and volunteers work together to teach team building and sportsmanship.

After School Clubs

The clubs at Sacred Heart School are the most popular outlets for students. Parents volunteer alongside teachers to give students an opportunity to explore their interests in areas such as:

Arts and Crafts

Annual Activities

In addition to sports and clubs, students can look forward to participating in 3 major celebrations that recognizes our unique and diverse community : Black History Month, Hispanic Awareness Month and Culture Night at Thanksgiving.

Upcoming Events

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